Challenges of Being Eight

by Carl Sayson (8C), Stallion Grade 8 Correspondent
Photo by Jeremiah Ernst Pua ’15

Eight. According to, eight is the atomic number of oxygen, the number of recognized planets in this solar system, the most important ball in pool (bearing this number), a lucky number in Chinese culture, and a symbol of eternity or infinity (due to its shape). For me though, eight is my new grade level. It’s the number on our polos. It’s the “entry level” of high school, of which we prepared for last year in Grade 7.

The first thing to reveal our status as high school students is our change of uniform. We are now wearing black pants, which I believe is an upgrade over our old khaki ones, quite literally.

Second, the rules in high school are much stricter than in grade school. There are no warnings before appropriate sanctions are given. Last year was essentially a school year spent on adjusting for the high school, but we still had the most green slips in a year compared to the previous Grades 6 and 7 batches. Hopefully, we will be more responsible and behaved this year.

We have an eventful school year ahead, with the upcoming XCE in Guangzhou, the challenge of making a good booth in the school fair, even the IPSLE and our IGNITE recollection. The XCE has got us all excited, even if only a third of the batch will go. The school fair is often neglected because of the XCE, but it’s also an exciting challenge. The IPSLE may be dreaded because of the word “exam” in it, but it is something new. Our recollection too is unique, as it is every year, so I’m looking forward to meeting new people.

There are also much more clubs to choose from, so much so that it’s hard to choose two that have different schedules. A wide variety of clubs are available, catering to the different interests of Xavier students. From the Ukelele Club to the Eucharistic Youth Club, from the Xavier Science Guild to the A-day Committee, you can enhance your talents by joining a club.

I believe our class is an intelligent one, so I am looking forward to knowing more of my classmates. I hope I will gain new friends to strengthen our bond as a class. I hope to learn new things too from my teachers, not only academic lessons within the lesson plans but moral lessons only gained from experience.

As we start this new school year, I think that this may be the most important “ball”, or in this case, school year in Xavier School, as we get more mature and gain more experience to help us in life after Xavier. I hope that, as a batch, we will get more than 8 A+, and gain more than eight new friends. I hope for luck this school year, but more than luck, experience and knowledge greater than the eight planets themselves. Okay, not really, but maybe experience and knowledge that we need as much as oxygen.

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