AAXS Induction Speech of Diosdado Ng ’85

AAXS Officers and Trustees being inducted by Mr Johnip Cua ’73, Xavier School Board of Trustees Chairman, and Fr Aristotle C. Dy, SJ ’89, Xavier School President.

The following speech was delivered by Diosdado Ng of Xavier School Class of 1985, incumbent President of the Alumni Association of Xavier School (AAXS), on the event of the Induction of Officers and Board of Trustees of the AAXS. AAXS Officers and Trustees were inducted last 4 July 2013 at the Angelo King Multi-Purpose Hall.

Hon. Senator JV Ejercito, Xavier School Board of Trustees led by Chairman, Mr. Johnip Cua, Xavier School President Rev. Fr. Ari Dy, Mary the Queen Parish Priest, Fr. Cesar Marin, AAXS past presidents, Immediate Past President, Monjie Lapez, officers of the Filipino-Chinese Federation of Alumni Associations, officers of the ICA Alumni Association, officers of the Xavier School Parents Auxiliary, my Mary the Queen Parish family, officers, faculty and staff of Xavier School, my Batch 85, Luceat Lux Foundation Family, fellow alumni, ladies and gentlemen, good evening. First of all, I would like to thank all you who came here tonight and to the past presidents who inspired me to take this path that put me in front of you here today: Jeff Siy, Doc Kelly Salvador, Jing Velasco and Monjie Lapez. I’d like to specially thank my batchmates from 85 who supported me all these years. But most of all, I would like to thank my team, Vice-President John de Guzman, Treasurer Joel Dayrit, Secretary General Edson Eufemio and the 2013-2015 Board of Trustees for your support. I am very happy to let you know that we have a truly diversified team. For the first time in the history of the AAXS, we have a fresh grad run and win a seat in the AAXS Board of Trustees. From batch 2013 we have Mr. Jaime Young and of course, we still have our most active, and probably the most fit, Trustee from Batch 1963, Mr. Jimmy Ongaingi. With experiences spanning 50 years, I am really looking forward to working with this board for the next two years.

IMG_6544aFor so many years, the AAXS has been quietly building a formidable membership composed of influential people. It is time to re-focus our direction to suit the changing times and to shift into something more fitting for this most distinguished group. To set the goal, we first define what the AAXS is all about.

The Alumni Association of Xavier School should primarily be a venue for alumni brotherhood, for us to help each other and to use our collective power as a group to obtain benefits for us, for you, our members and for our beneficiaries.

Secondly, the AAXS should be a venue for us to re-live our school ideals of being men for others; a conduit for us to practice our generosity, a venue to recharge our spirituality and a reminder to do all things for the greater glory of God.

I believe that the Xavier Alumni, having spent their formative years in this Jesuit institution, are true Men for Others and I was reminded of this when I witnessed this first hand just a few years ago.

In 2009, Typhoon Ondoy devastated Metro Manila and Xavier School held a “Relief Goods Drive.” I was tasked to tap on the alumni. After a few text messages and calls, trucks, cars and vans lined-up in Gate 1 filled with all kinds of food, water and clothes. Cash donations poured in through our volunteers and our bank accounts. Alumni, students, parents and friends filled up this hall to help pack and distribute the goods. This was repeated during the Sendong and Habagat tragedies. Witnessing all this spirit of magis made me feel so proud to be a part of this group.

This led me to aspire to lead this association, because I realized it is filled with blessed, great, successful and, most of all, handsome men like you, who strive for excellence. Imagine what we’ll be if we were a solid and dynamic group. Imagine the things we can achieve. Together, we can make a difference.

Of course, not everyone in this community is blessed all the time.

Aside from the sports and academic development funds, the AAXS has scholarship funds and a medical assistance fund for alumni and teachers.

Every year the AAXS has to extend scholarship or financial assistance to Xavier graduates who cannot afford a college education. We also support ERDA, a Jesuit-run all-scholar high school that has a 5-year program which includes a special vocational skill.

It is our priority to immediately come up with a PR plan to make you more aware of these noble activities and how we’ve made a difference in people’s lives.

Aside from being a conduit for your charity and a brotherhood, the AAXS is also here to serve you. In the next two years we plan to come up with more activities and services that will support alumni businesses, sports, and other endeavors. In the past two years we have been trying to consolidate all alumni groups into the AAXS like the different sports organizations, the homecoming committee, the art guild and the Torch Community. Apart from this, we would also like to develop other interest groups for medical practitioners, architects and engineers, technology, and the like. Next to that, we want to work closely with our community of XSPA, Mary the Queen Parish and the ICA community to consolidate our efforts in the realms of Socio-Civic Programs and Spiritual Formation.

We also plan to start and do more General Membership meetings to feature expert guest speakers who will speak about various topics which we know will be of interest to you. We promise to make them all exciting, educational and fun.

The Xavier Alumni is now at a stage where we are making our presence felt in society. Just last summer, 5 Xaverians graduated summa-cum-laude from UP. 25 year ago, we were a group of quiet, unassuming alumni, but now, among us, we have influential business leaders, tycoons, outstanding government officials and lawmakers, revered members of the clergy (with one assigned to the Vatican), multi-awarded medical practitioners, top athletes, world-class artists, and most recently, two senators of the Republic of the Philippines. I think it’s only a matter of time when we’ll have a Xaverian president, and who knows, maybe in the future, a Xaverian pope.

Now, more than ever, we should all work together to strengthen our association. As we slowly strengthen our presence in the world, let us continue to radiate the three values from the song we all know and sing together. Our school song speaks of three important values: (1) strength and purity of soul, mind, and body; (2)self-sacrifice; (3) the spirit of charity. These three traits set us apart from the rest, and hopefully we can inspire and influence others to value these as well.

I’m not saying that we can achieve all these in two years, but we can start it now and hopefully, it will be continued until we achieve our goal. I am confident because I know YOU are behind me and together with your servant officers of the AAXS we will succeed, we will INSPIRE and we shall INFLUENCE! Be proud! You are among the best and we will let our light shine. Luceat Lux! Thank you very much and enjoy the rest of the evening.

More photos from the AAXS Induction may be found on the AAXS Facebook page.

dadoprofilepic Diosdado “Dado” Ng is from the Xavier School Class of 1985. Prior to being elected President of the AAXS for the term 2013-2015, he was 2005 AAXS Homecoming Vice-Chairman, a member of the AAXS Executive Committee from 2009-2011, a member of the Xavier School Parents’ Auxillary Executive Committee from 2009-2010, and AAXS Vice-President from 2011-2013. He is also active in Church serving as a member of the Mary the Queen Parish Executive Council since 2008. Dado is in the food industry, dealing with equipment and ingredients. Dado holds double degrees in AB Political Science and BS Marketing Management from the De La Salle University – Manila, and has served as his university’s 1989 Batch Representative since 2000. Together with his wife Wendy, they have 3 children, including a son, Deondre, from the Xavier School Class of 2013. 

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