Grade 9 Xaverians Use iPads for Classwork

by Patrick Gabriel C. Lim (H4G), Stallion Managing Editor
Collaborative learning with iPads. Photo by Jeremiah Ernst Pua (H3F).

As of school year 2013-2014, the Grade 9 Xaverians are utilizing iPads daily for their class assignments, projects, and homework.

The use of technology for class purposes started a few years ago, with IB Cohort 1 (Batch 2012) being the first to experience this kind of benefit. Not long after, the succeeding batches were also required to use Macbooks or iPads in their classes. As of the moment, the Seniors are using Macbooks, while the younger batches use the iPad.

According to several Grade 9 students, the iPads are very useful when it comes to classroom purposes. Jerome Celeres, a Grade 9 student, says: “Yeah, the iPad is very useful because we are able to organize our notes properly by using Evernote. It’s also easy to share information between classmates because almost all notes or worksheets can be saved in the iPad.”

Not only does the iPad helps organize notes, but the other applications also help in the learning process, such as Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. Another useful application includes iCal, which helps students organize their schedule and keep track on all of their responsibilities.

On the other side of things, teachers have also found the iPads useful and effective as a teaching tool in class. Ms. Kaycee Bernardino, a Grade 9 Social Science teacher and class adviser, says: “The use of iPads is a very efficient learning tool because it allows [the students] to access information easier. Also, since the information is easier to access, it trains them to look for certain details on their own, which promotes independence.”

Although the teachers have cited benefits, there are also cons to using iPads in class. One con is that if the Internet is down, then the class has to wait for it to be fixed before they start their lesson. Another con would be the distractions during class, which include viewing other sites not related to the lesson or being online in social networking sites.

Through the use of iPads, Xavier School has further adapted to the technological world that exists. With teachers and students citing the usefulness of this innovation, it seems that the succeeding Xaverians will also be able to experience the benefits it has to offer.

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