Leaders of Tomorrow

by Jose Antonio S. Sioson (8C) and Matthew Emmanuel G. Guevara (8C), Stallion Correspondents
L-R: Niño Macababbad, G7 Batch Rep, and Matthew Hou, G8 Batch Rep, both pose for a photo with Fr. President Ari Dy, SJ. Photo by Fr. Xave Olin, SJ.

Niño Macababbad: G7 Batch Rep

In an interview with the Grade 7 Batch Representative, Niño Macababbad, I learned a few interesting things about him and his work as a Batch Rep. According to him, the reason he ran for the position is because he believes that he has the potential and capability to be a good leader in service of his fellow batch mates.

As the G7 Batch Rep, he plans to do his best to discipline his batch mates in order to reduce the number of green slips that they receive, and, therefore, make them better Xaverians. When asked about the other candidates who ran against him last year, he said that he thinks they would have been just as capable and deserving of the position as he. He also says that his job is getting harder and harder as the year progresses, but, just as he said, he seems to have the potential to be a good Batch Representative and make this year a successful and fruitful one for his batch.

Justin Matthew Hou : G8 Batch Rep

Last July 8, I sat down with Justin Matthew Hou, the Student Council Batch Representative for Grade 8. I found out why he decided to run for office, how he was risking his position by running against an abstain vote, his plans for the batch, and his thoughts on the current Student Council.

Q: So, why did you decide to run?

Well, I wanted to be able to serve and improve this batch in a better way, and you know, what’s a better way than to be the Batch Representative.  (He later told me that in his Certificate of Candidacy, he originally wrote: “Why not?” but later had to change it.)

Q: Last year, you were running against an abstain vote, and in the past, this had a tendency to bring down even the best candidates, did you ever think you were going to lose?

At times, I had a few doubts, and at other times, more than a few, but I’m really thankful that I won.

Q: What are your thoughts on the current SC?

They’re a fun group of people, and our goal is to “break new ground.”

Q: What are your plans for your batch this year?

I’m planning to have an Intramurals this year for Grade 8, and the recollection this year is something to be excited about.


Whether their terms will be a successful one or not, nobody knows. Let’s just see what will happen as the year progresses. After all, ”Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes” -Peter Drucker, Austrian American author

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