A New Direction for the High School Elective PE Program

by Mr. Patrick Joseph L. Posadas, PE and Athletics Coordinator
High School Principal Mrs. Jane C. Cacacho giving a talk. Photo by Mr. Patrick Joseph Posadas.

Starting this school year, the High School (HS) Physical Education (PE) program will be embarking on a new direction that will address the current needs of the students’ interest in sports as well as streamline the school’s PE and varsity sports programs.

When established in SY 2005-2006, the PE program in the HS had already been patterned after elective PE programs in universities and colleges where students would have choices for their PE they sign up to.  As this was previously handled by the school’s PE teachers, choices were limited.  In the years following the revamp, additional external instructors were introduced offering more variety in the PE classes.

For the new direction in the HS Elective PE program, beginning this SY, the Elective PE program from Gr. 8 to H4 shall now be handled exclusively by external sports instructors.  These external sports instructors, who are also the school’s varsity coaches, give the PE program the following advantages:    

  1. Due to the elective nature of the program, the approach for each sport has been more specific and “specialized” because of its delivery by competent and experienced instructors in their respective fields of expertise.  
  2. As the PE instructors are also the school’s coaches, the PE program would be more consistent  with the sports programs implemented in the  varsity teams.
  3. The PE instructor/coach could also use the PE classes as an additional venue where promising and gifted students may be identified and invited to join the varsity team thus not necessarily limiting the promise of joining the varsity program through scheduled tryouts.  

To ensure consistency in the approach to students’ formation, Mrs. Jane Cacacho, with the help of Mr. Mel Manahan and Mr. Evan Gabriana of the HS ODS, had a session with the instructors to discuss the school’s formation thrust via the 6Cs and school policies that pertain to discipline.

Mr. Mel Manahan

Mr. Mel Manahan

Mr. Evan Gabriana

Mr. Evan Gabriana

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