Formation at the Forefront

by Jonathan S. Lacson, Assistant Principal for Formation, ERDA Tech
The ERDA Tech Formation Team

Formation must go hand in hand with education. Values, good ones at that, must complement competence so that the youth who are our students today will grow up to be both skillful and compassionate people in the future.

The new school year, 2013-2014 marks the beginning of the ERDA Tech Formation Unit. Its departments which have previously been separate from each other both physically and administratively have now been put together in both respects. These include Social Services, Guidance, Campus Ministry, Discipline, Student Activities, and Industry Linkage.

As its first head, I am excited and at the same time challenged to face the responsibilities, difficulties, and possibilities that are in store for the fledgling unit . I am sure that my colleagues in the member departments also feel the same way.

Taking baby steps, the unit already has its share of accomplishments. First, the formation summit held last summer enabled the faculty and staff to know and shape the routines and disciplinary policies of the school. Second, the recollection modules have been revised to reinforce the themes in the Basic Christian Living classes. Third, the feeding program with an initial batch of 37 recipients is on its second week. Fourth, ERDA Tech’s fourth-year Food Tech students had a fun and fruitful interaction with their fellow students from Les Chenes School in France. Fifth, the Enrichment Group (Club) Meeting Room and the Students’ Recreation Room have just been opened.

As this is being written, preparations are underway for another interaction, this time between the fifth-year students and the delegates of the Ignatian Student Leadership Forum (ISLF) from the Philippines (Xavier School), China, Indonesia, Japan, and Australia. There is yet another one between our student leaders and Japanese youth. Talk about going international!

Furthermore, recognizing the important role that parents play in molding the character of their children, the formation unit aims to actively involve them in school activities such as the above-mentioned ERDA Tech – ISLF event, and to provide fora where education experts can teach and discuss with them relevant concerns.

Much still lies ahead for the unit, but the good thing is that it has begun, and will continue building on what it has achieved. With the support of the academic unit, the principal’s office, and the other sectors of the school community, it will realize the noble and wonderful goals it has set for ERDA Tech, specially for the students.

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