Movement for Movement

by Mr. Jasper Jake Laguitao '06, Asst. Athletics Coordinator, and Strength & Conditioning Director
Xavier students doing conditioning exercises. Photo by Mr. Jasper Jake Laguitao ’06.

Sitting, standing, pushing, pulling, extending, flexing, twisting.

These are the pillar movements we do everyday, yet we do not seem to be aware of them. One may begin with the basic understanding of “Movement Efficiency and Effectivity” which is moving with the least effort with maximal results. When we know ‘how’ we can improve this, that is already one step taken to build foundational fitness.

Foundational Fitness is the core reason of bringing Strength & Conditioning to the Xavier community. It is my firm belief that everyone should know how to improve their quality of life, not only through academic advancement but also through education in physical activity and nutrition.

What I initially proposed to Xavier was a Strength & Conditioning Program for our Varsity Athletes. This program will ensure that they are ‘educated’ in knowing how to push their bodies effectively and efficiently, thus improving their performance in their respective sport.

Little did I know that while I was already in Xavier, a question I asked myself came about, “If Xavier School was well known for its academic excellence, shouldn’t everyone (not only students but also faculty, staff, parents, and others), be physically excellent as well?”

“Mens sana in corpore sano” a Latin phrase which means, “A sound mind in a healthy body,” has been used as a motto not only in health clubs, but also in schools, military, and by famous personalities. The proponents who use this phrase would want to convey to their audience/community that a healthy body does indeed make a healthy mind.


Thus, we needed a center where the ‘movement of movement’ could begin. With the Lord’s grace, He gave us the resources (people and finances) to build the Xavier Athletics Performance Center (APC). The APC is a place where “Athletes of Life” can be educated and be physically transformed. The programs are science-based which means sound reasoning, which has been studied and continually debated upon, is applied.

20130711_165723aJesus used His disciples to spread the good word, similarly done by everyone who comes in and out of the APC. Anyone who is equipped with the right knowledge and applies it to themselves become ambassadors of this movement to other people.

How did we begin this herculean task of getting everyone moving? Step by step, we began with our ‘face of fitness’ —  our Varsity athletes. Our athletes may share what they’ve learned to their classmates and teachers, then to their families. That is networking at its finest, minus the sales quota.

Opening of the APC. Photo by Ms. Zsa Zsa Yu.

Opening of the APC. Photo by Ms. Zsa Zsa Yu.

The APC officially opened last March 2013, attended by our school administrators, alumni and guests, who showed great support in welcoming Strength & Conditioning to the Xavier community. (My speech of gratitude may be read below this article)

Our athletes were the first to use the facility during their summer training which began last April and is still in progress this school year.

It is a dream for most of us to be excellent holistically in the various aspects of our lives (mental, physical, socio-emotional, spiritual). With the beginning of this movement, we hope to target all of these, even though on the outside it seems to be only hitting the physical aspect. Because one does not necessarily lift a heavy weight off the ground exclusively by sheer physical strength, the mind (mental) has to be strong, the heart (socio-emotional) has to be ready, and the soul (spiritual) has to be alive.

That is Xavier’s brand of Strength & Conditioning.

My Speech
Mr. Jasper Jake Laguitao '06. Photo by Ms. Zsa Zsa Yu.

Mr. Jasper Jake Laguitao ’06. Photo by Ms. Zsa Zsa Yu.

Good Morning!

I am Jasper Laguitao, the Project Manager for the construction of this facility and also, the Strength & Conditioning Director for our varsity athletes.

It is with sheer joy that I welcome you all to the opening of the Xavier Athletics Performance Center ( APC for short ). This center is filled with Xaverian talent, since most of the people who gave their expertise to make this facility possible, were alumni — from our donor, the Mangasing Family, Campus Architect, Mr. Binggoy De Ocampo, Project Architect Florencio Sebastian III, and yours truly, as the Project Manager.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank a special person who also deserves credit. He is the person who, amidst having a family where all males are Engineers, supported me to pursue Sports Science. The person who is always perceived as strict and traditional, yet is very compassionate and understanding to my ‘contemporary self’. He is no one else, but my father-on-earth, Mr. JESUS LAGUITAO, JR.

Also, among you are the people who made the APC a reality. It is with gratitude that I must mention their names to be recognized for their works.




Fr. Johnny Go, S.J.

School Director

He believed this will happen from start to finish

Monjie Lapez

Alumni President

representing the alumni in full support of the project

John Lim & John Sy


Served as the bridge to the donors

Mark Esquibel

Next Team

who made the logo come to life

Ignite Team

led by Je Ching

supportive in my trainings and further studies

ITS Team

led by John Ang

WiFi and future ID system

Tonette Espina

Reservation Mgr

info needed about the Sports Center

Gerry Castaneda


easy to communicate with, re visitors and suppliers

Frederick Tiu

School Treasurer

Releasing the funds right away (in a legal manner)

Gigi De Guzman

Finance Manager

extension of Mr. Tiu when he’s not around, orients me with the processes in purchasing and payment

PPO Team

led by Carina Maravilla

Contactor, physical matters, plyo box, etc.

Kenneth Ti (supplier)


Jess Ronquillo (supplier)


Tito Caballa (supplier)




To elaborately tell you about what the facility is and explain all the possibilities will take hours and maybe days. To make it short, I’ll tell you (7) things we can expect:

1) Athletes equipped with physical foundational fitness

  • talent will not only come from talent per se
  • but developed through hard and smart work during S&C sessions

2) Science-based programs

  • programs have been well thought of, based on present knowledge and on-going research, leaving less to guesswork

3) Progress = Objective

  • goals: measurable, workable, attainable

4) Equipment: Athletic-Specific & State of the Art

  • equipment that are most useful to athletes
  • removed the bulky and expensive machines (treadmills, bikes, etc) – invested: Pneumatics (Air Pressure = resistance)
  • So High Tech = 6th school nationalwide, 2nd HS

5) Specific Instructional Sessions

  • exercises are specialized for the goal of the workout (muscle mass, speed, power, endurance, strength, etc)

6) Culture of Learning

  • science-based = learned and understood
  • gone are the days when we simply look at magazines for workout that does not really answer what they are for

7) Minimize Injuries

  • knowing how to train teaches the body to move effectively and efficiently without causing unnecessary stress
  • Ex: ACL injuries costs P80-120k and 6 mos. in rehab

Therefore, my prayer and request for our coaches, let us unite for our athletes in teaching them science-based approach coaching, which may entail more hours of studying and brain-work from us, but will be very beneficial for our teams and our personal growth.

My prayer for our incoming Administration, to continue supporting what has been started. Xavier is known to have intellectual students, I think it’s time that we should be also known by being well-rounded talented students by professionalizing how our athletes train.

Whatever expertise or talent I gave in this facility, were simply manifestations of what the Lord can do through us. It is due to Him, that I must bring back all the glory by using myself and all the people who gave their time, effort and expertise to make the APC happen.

Thank you and have a great day!

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