By the River Cardoner, I stood up and smiled

by Mark Celvin Esquibel, Graphic Artist, Operation NExT


Last June 2013, Fr. Aristotle Dy, SJ, the new president of Xavier School, presented the thrusts that he aims for his term. One of these thrusts is  Ignatian Formation and Spirituality. As a Jesuit school, these terms are mantras, constantly repeated words that seem quite hard to understand and yet quite immanent.  Narrating a part of the Manresa Experience through this image gives us the glimpse of how can we start experiencing God in our daily lives.

The Manresa Experience

The art work was set when Ignatius was on his way to the Holy Land via the Manresa-Barcelona route. In Manresa, he stayed in a cave by the River Cardoner. His supposed two-day stay became ten months. It was there where he struggled with God. In September 1522, he experienced something divine outside his cave by the river Cardoner, a moment so indescribable that he never thought possible. In this brief encounter with God, he received  divine inspiration and understanding of the supernatural mysteries. Such sounds very out-of-this-world and is reserved for saints. On the contrary, this was the result of “finding God in all things,” which is quite accessible to everyone. When a person has this principle in his mind and in his heart, he then becomes inspired to do greater things for the glory of God (Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam).

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