Haircut Incentive for H3 and H4


Dear Junior and Senior Students,

We are continuing our experiment on the haircut policy exemption this school year as an incentive for H3 and H4 students to do better in their academic and discipline performance.  To avail of this exemption, you need to signify your intention to apply for the privilege.

To qualify for the exemption in the 3rd and 4th quarters, you have to meet the following requirements by the end of the Second Quarter and to maintain them during the Third Quarter:





○      at least B in all subjects (including PE, Art, Music, Computer) for the 1st and 2nd quarters

○      at least 3 in SL subjects

○      at least 4 in HL subjects


○      at least G in Conduct, Effort and Homeroom

○      no Reprimand and/or new* Discipline Status

*status meted out for an offense committed this school year


  1. Students who have been given an exemption may grow their hair longer than what is prescribed in the Student Handbook (i.e., hair does not touch the ears, collar and eyebrow).
  2. Some minimal restrictions will still be enforced to ensure that haircuts remain generally acceptable:

a.    Mohawks, cornbraids, and skinheads will not be allowed.

b.    The length of the hair may not exceed the base of the neck.

c.    Hair accessories (e.g. clips, hair bands, wigs, etc.) may not be used.

d.    Hair color is not allowed.

3.  The HSPO may suspend the exemption in the event of the following:

  1. violation of discipline qualifications in the middle of the quarter
  2. violation of academic qualifications at the end of the third quarter
  3. poor hair hygiene
  4. failure to observe the minimal restrictions
  5. upon the recommendation of the ODS and/or Department Chairpersons for any offense against honesty, respect and responsibility

Note that the exemption from the haircut policy is NOT a right, but a privilege that you need to earn.  Moreover, even with an exemption obtained from the school, you will obviously still need your parents’ permission for the haircut that you plan to sport.

In order to be considered for the program, you need to signify your intention to be included through the form below.

To apply for the exemption:

○      Accomplish the Haircut Policy Exemption Application Form at the end of this letter.

○      Submit your accomplished form to the ODS (through the Class Beadle) on or before 12 JULY, FRIDAY.  

○      After evaluating your qualifications, the HSPO will post a list of EXEMPTED STUDENTS outside the HSPO.

○      If your name is on the list, you may claim your HCE (Haircut Exemption) Pass from the HSPO and avail of your exemption for the 3rd Quarter.  The HCE pass has to be worn inside the school premises at all times.

○      The HSPO will release an updated list of exempted students (for the 4th Quarter) by January based on the list of students who applied.  Only the seniors who meet the HCE requirements at the end of the 4th Quarter will be allowed to sport long hair during graduation.

○      The HCE pass should be returned to the ODS at the end of the school year as part of clearance.

○      Lost HCE passes should be reported to the HSPO.  A replacement fee will be charged for a first replacement.  A second loss will result in the voiding of the privilege.

We hope that this program will motivate you to perform well in both academics and discipline, and as a result make you live out the values of respect, responsibility and honesty.  Luceat Lux!


Mrs. Jane Cacacho


Noted by:

Fr. Aristotle Dy, S.J.
School President

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