XS Nuvali: Guidelines on Suspension of Classes

Dear Parents,


We wish to inform you of the school’s guidelines on the suspension of classes due to typhoons and other calamities.



By virtue of Presidential Executive Order 66, CLASSES shall be automatically suspended, without need for any announcement from the school or the Department of Education, in the following situations:

  • ● When Typhoon Signal #1 is raised by PAGASA, only classes in the Kinder level are suspended.
  • ● When Typhoon Signal #2 is raised by PAGASA, classes in the Kinder, Grade School and High School levels are suspended.



  • In the absence of typhoon signal warnings from PAGASA, suspension of classes in both public and private schools, will be implemented by the LGU and/or the local government head such as the mayor.
  • In the case of cancellation of classes during the day, or for the afternoon session, the dismissal schedule below will be followed:

Announcement is made BEFORE 9:30 AM

Announcement is made


Announcement is made AFTER 12:30 PM

Kinder to Gr.8

9:30 AM


10:30 AM

Gr.1 to Gr.8

11:30 AM

Gr.1 to Gr.8

1:30 PM


  • In the event that the suspension of classes is announced before 7:30 AM and your son/daughter is already in school, please fetch him/her immediately.
  • No indiscriminate and hurried withdrawal of students shall be permitted on such occasions to enable the school authorities to implement safety measures for all students.  The procedure for dismissal during regular days will still be followed i.e. assigned exit gates, use of fetcher’s card, exit I.D., etc.
  • When classes are suspended, the school authorities will exert every effort to inform the parents of the dismissal time through the school website, XSN FB Page and Twitter.



If no order for the suspension of classes has been issued, parents have the ultimate responsibility for determining whether their children should go to school, taking into consideration the health and safety of their children.



  • Classes shall resume the following day unless otherwise announced by the Department of Education or school authorities.
  • In the event of suspension of classes during examination days, the sequence of tests as originally specified will be followed when classes resume, i.e. if Quarterly Test Day 1 is suspended, tests scheduled for Day 1 will be administered when classes resume.


You may follow us on Facebook, Twitter or visit the school website to keep abreast of important school announcements.

Thank you for your attention to these important matters.


Sincerely yours,

Arlene T. Choo


Approved by:
Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, SJ
School President


Download PDF version of this circular.

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