Annual Enrichment Group Enlistment, Mobbed by Students

Adrianne Rilloraza, Third year Pilak, Editor-in-Chief, ET Pen Pushers Guild

ERDA Tech has once again paved the way for another major activity that students’ skills, talents, and abilities would surely be developed. Last July 19, 2013, a school-wide event was held in the ERDA community which almost all teachers, moderators, and students took part of. All students from the seventh grade up to the fifth year were obliged to participate. That is, a student can opt to select an exact and just a single enrichment group (EG) for the whole school year. The goal of this program is to allow the students to show off their exemplary expertise in various fields.

The Student Body Organization headed by Mr. Edward Ray Rico had collaborated with Ms. Chyryz Valiente, the person in-charge for the Student Activity Program, to successfully organize the said event. For the past years, enrichment groups were not that eminent in the campus. That is why this year, they allotted enough time for the students to think of the perfect EG for their own capability and skills.

The clubs were subdivided into several areas. For students who are gifted with much intellect, they may find their own room and space in the Academic clubs. This includes the Analytical and Logical Thinkers (Math), Pen Pushers Guild, Young Scientists Club (Science) and Bravehearts (BCL).

If ever a student is not that enthusiastic when it comes to academics, performing arts could be the perfect choice for them. Students who are good at singing, dancing, theatre acting and playing instruments are all qualified to belong in these groups. All are given a change to explore for themselves so a last option was also laid before them. The remaining clubs are those health-related and those into adventure such as the Boys Scout and HAT.  Moderators of the respective EGs were encouraging more students to join them for there would be a lot of activities that are already lined up.

Final members of each Enrichment Group have now been confirmed. Recently, each group has formally gathered to introduce them to upcoming activities of the areas they have chosen. Students would be involved in their groups for one school year and they will be recorded and will be part of the scores every semester.

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