ERDA Tech Hosts Les Chenes Interaction

Mykah Mordeno – 4th year Katarungan student; Officer, Student Body Organization

The fifth of July 2013 was supposed to be a regular day for the students of ERDA Tech but a group of students came to visit. They were no ordinary students because they came all the way from across the globe. The freckles on their body complemented their perfectly fair skin. Their eyes were shining like bright diamonds, each having their own unique colour. You could barely tell that their ages ranged from 16-20 with their height. Most of all, they had shiny white teeth that showed the joy they were feeling inside. They came from the country where the city of love is located, the beautiful country of France.

The students from France chose ERDA Tech for their immersion as they wanted to experience the Filipino culture and adventure the country could provide and show them. As it is known, France is a very progressive country, and for them, to be in a third world country is a big challenge. They have to adjust to the weather, eat foods that are unfamiliar to their taste and to mingle or socialize with new people and faces.

Most students were fascinated by the appearance of the visitors. One would not see these kinds of people every day, so why not enjoy it? The fortunate students from Food Trade IV were able to take part in the event and were able to meet with them.  At first, they were uncomfortable with each other but as they had the chance to know more about one another, everything went smoothly.  They might look snobbish but they are full of wit and wonderful character. They were glad to share their stories about themselves and their experiences as well. One would love the way they would speak, smile and how they would light up the day.

They were taught how to cook Adobo, which is, of course, the Filipino pride and authentic dish in the country. In exchange, they showed us how to cook their specialty, Crepe. After the cooking and preparation, they had their lunch together with some of the students. One could observe how particular they are in picking what they want to eat; something that differentiates them from the Filipinos.

The visitors then took a tour around the community through a boat and a trolley.  Upon going back to the campus, the school prepared a short program for them just for pure entertainment. Two of the school’s pride who performed during the event were the ET Theatre Arts club who performed a very touching interpretative dance and the ET Band who gave an outrageous performance.

The highlight of the program was when the French students also prepared a performance for the audience through a song. Even though the lyrics were in their language, it showed in their performance genuineness and sincerity. They were about to sit and settle down when the crowd asked for more thus, they ended up performing another one. The crowd went wild when they started dancing cheerfully and they even pulled out students to dance with them.

Overall, the event was not just a success; it was something to be remembered. An event that made students realize that although Filipinos and French have cultural differences, that will never serve as a hindrance for these countries to merge.  Diversity is just a word once you know the meaning of harmony.

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