ERDA Tech Welcomes Foreign Students for ISLF Interaction

Izthifen Lord Gonzales, Fourth year Katarungan; Cartoonist, Assistant Literary Editor, ET Pen Pushers Guild

Last July 23, 2013, students from different Jesuit schools in most parts of Asia and Australia including few chosen representatives from Xavier School, San Juan, went to ERDA Tech for one afternoon of interaction to learn about the school’s culture and for the ERDAnians to learn something about theirs. They were accompanied and hosted by some faculty members and staff during the said event.

The day started with a quick welcoming program at the roof deck of the campus, followed by a sumptuous lunch prepared by the 5th year students in the homes of chosen students from different year levels who were tasked to entertain them. After that, they explored and toured a little and took pictures. It showed on their faces that they were enjoying the time spent with all the participants of the interaction event. The visitors went back to ERDA to share their experiences and teachers as well. “The day was filled with excitement and fun,” said one of the guests.


Truly, it was clear that they had a wonderful time being exposed to a different type of culture which they are not used to. It was just a single short day for them but it was definitely worthwhile.

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