My Personal Odyssey

Nyll Bullecer, Fourth year, Kagitingan; Officer, Student Body Organization
Ulysses Deriding Polyphemus from Homer’s Odyssey. Painting by Joseph Mallord William Turner.

Every journey is for a change. An odyssey is a journey full of points of no return where you must continue to pursue a difference. Sometimes, there are barricades that will oblige you to either overcome or overwit them.

It was first year in high school when I thought I was adroit to maintain my academic remarks and luckily, that year passed with stability. Second year high school welcomed me with a storm and I was assigned to assist in cleaning the upstairs floor. There was this student who boisterously let the rain water wave toward me. In my fear of getting my shoes wet, I stepped back and shouted loudly — that caught the attention of the vice-principal. I was issued a disciplinary report, my first and an ignition to my stray. As the school year went on, the topics and lessons in class got even more difficult that it gave me so much stress and serious headaches. However, I was able to cope with such and pass with flying colors.

A new quarter came along with a new seating arrangement, and I was seated with the bad apples. First they were kind of irritating but soon I was able to follow their un-rhythmic rhythm. After a while, I noticed that a specific teacher was utterly disrespected. Well, those days, I thought I was hopeless, futureless.

The third quarter came and another teacher, a BCL teacher took my attention. He motivated us to go to mass every Sunday and I was inspired the most. Since then, I became conscious of my grades and I also promised that the following years to come, all masses would be attended.  I also promised myself to be serious during the fourth quarter so I reviewed a lot. I followed my plan in going to church even if my first few times were a bit shameful. The final day came and I was not sure if I was going to pass the examination. I waited for the result but it was not shown immediately after so I just waited. Then, I successfully passed it.

Third year of high school came and now, a strict and familiar adviser did its job on us. For me, she was remarkable. She was able to control me and thankfully I was back on track with my dreams.

In my personal odyssey, the way back home was not easy as ABC. Sometimes, what seems to be in reach is not of the ripest fruit. Sometimes, it’s just a lustrous bling to help you in your darkest pits. It can be considered as a bestowed event for you to hold on and raise you up.

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