Raven Ferry, Third Year Tanso

Every man has the right to live happily.

Live happily in his choice.

But if one thinks of it unkindly,

the man’s right loses its voice.

Throughout time, we see ourselves free.

We see that we are up and down sometimes,

But what about thee?

Does your mind and reality combine?

What do you do now, now that you are trapped?

Trapped in the voices of the elders and free men.

Should you go away by finding a gap?

Nevertheless, will going away give you a peaceful life?

Bear in mind that the voice has a limit.

Do not use it too much, only when in need.

Express wisely, shy be not to talk.

To have peace, you must express good deed.

To be away from senseless voices, think before doing something.

The price, think what it may be,

like think what is best to sing

So that your hardship, you will not see.

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