What Makes ERDA Tech Unique and Special?

Bernadette Gimena, Fourth year Kagitingan; Features Editor, ET Pen Pushers Guild

Dreams are a series of thoughts, images or emotions occurring in one’s imagination. This is notable for its beauty, excellence or enjoyable quality that could help anyone pursue and hold on through the journey of their lives. Dreams are like goals that are sometimes hard for each person to achieve, especially to those who are feeling hopeless.

In the history of our beloved ERDA Tech, one man came for God’s mission that changed and is still changing many hopeless lives of the underprivileged youth — Fr. Pierre Tritz, S.J.

ERDA Tech is known for their vocational courses that help students acquire skills that could aid and help them land a good job and have a better future for their families. Different courses are offered in the school namely, Food Trade, Automotive, Electricity and Machinery.

The four areas are the fruits in the pauper’s farms that bloom as if it is in majesty’s garden. Just like in the Food Trade where students learn the basics of cooking, after three years of practice, they will then be considered qualified to be a personnel in selected restaurants. The Electricity specialization meanwhile helps students to have a background idea and knowledge as well as technical skills to become an electrician once they are done with their practice and training. The two remaining specializations are also considered lucrative for students just like machining and automotive as they give opportunities for students to become mechanical and automotive engineers once they graduate.

Specializations were formed by the school to enhance the skills of the students in various fields so that they could have a stable job after high school. These courses could fulfil the needs of the youth who have the desire to pursue college but do not have the means for that.  Specializations are pathways for students to help their families improve their lives. They might not be the jobs they wanted to pursue when they grow older, but these courses definitely would help them achieve their main goals in life — to satisfy the needs of their families and have a better life after graduation in high school.

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