Through the Eyes of a New Teacher

by Ms. Monica A. Ponce, Grade 2 Social Studies teacher
Photo by Joal Ria Orqueza, Grade 2 Team Leader

Last August 1, 2013, the Xavier School community celebrated its very first Children’s Mass. This event commemorated the feast day of St. Ignatius of Loyola under the guidance of Fr. Art Borja SJ, together with Fr. Xavier Olin SJ, Fr. Guy Guibelondo SJ, and our school president, Fr. Aristotle Dy, SJ. The event was attended by the Grades 2-3 students and faculty in a pleasant afternoon gathering.

Being a new teacher, it’s my year-long job to learn the ropes of occasions like this while watching over the boys at the same time, and much to my own guilt, I was surprised to find out after the event that I was attending something that’s happening for the first time.

The mass was appropriated for the attending youthful population. The CLE teachers readily prepared the boys in responding, the Music Department aided the inclusion of songs with simple actions, and the Class Advisers, together with the subject teachers, successfully reminded the boys about proper behavior that maintained the solemnity of the mass despite its adjusted childlike nature. These facets all contributed to the attainment of a modified Eucharistic celebration without sacrificing its essence; they all conjured the gentlemen being shaped in each of these young boys.

Along with the other teachers, I attended the event with the slight apprehension that the boys might grow excessively excited about participating in their first major gathering. I stood corrected through tiny evidences that confirm the very cause of this experience. At this early stage, they exhibit a meek understanding of important values such as silence and respect. And throughout the entire celebration, this is what I found most striking – the resilience that they can already grasp as they only begin their Ignatian formation and Xaverian journeys.

Despite being a newbie to the institution, these small things are what give me greater confidence that I am undeniably blessed. I guess ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ will never get old because more than the bonus of seeing their lovable angelic faces everyday, I feel honored to officially be someone who molds men-for-others.

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