2013 Pacific Summer Invitational Football Tournament

by Mr. Patrick Posadas, Athletics Coordinator, XS Athletics Web Editor
Photo provided by Atty. Ferdinand Ayahao

Photo shows the RIFA Pilipinas U14 team who garnered 2nd place in the recently held 2013 Pacific Summer Invitational Football Tournament at the Guam Football Association National Training Center held in Guam, U.S. There were three (3) other teams in the same group as the RIFA Pilipinas team; they played five (5) games in all, including the finals where they lost to the #1 seed team in the tournament.  Several boys in the team are from Xavier school:

Luis CAMPOS Gr. 7B                           Carlos ROLEDA Gr. 8E
Kimmayong AYAHOA Gr. 8C             Martin EALA Gr. 8G
Jose Antonio SIOSON Gr. 8C            Troy Martin SY Gr. 8F
Luis LOKIN III Gr. 8J                             Nathan TE Gr. 8J
Carli RECIO III Gr. 8E

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