XS IBDP: Updated H3 Schedule During QTs


13 August 2013

Dear Parents of H3 IBDP Students,

Please take note of the following special schedule for H3 IB students this week and next, during the non-IB QT days.  This has been adjusted in light of the recent cancellation.

Wednesday, August 14 and Thursday, August 15:  Regular Schedule

Students will follow the regular student schedule on Wednesday and Thursday.  Wednesday will be Day 2.  Thursday will be Day 3.  Students on Thursday will still have the usual Biology HL / Study Hall session.

 Friday, August 16: TOK and CAS day

We will push through with the special session for Theory of Knowledge in the morning.  Students are expected to report to the MPC at 7:30am.

Students will be dismissed at 11:00am, UNLESS they have signed up for the following CAS activities:

  • Greenhills West Mural Painting
  • ERDA Tech
  • Gawad Kalinga

Students who have signed up for any one of these activities will be dismissed at 5:00pm, and a separate circular will be sent to parents of those students.

Monday and Tuesday, August 19-20:  Special Schedule of Classes

H3 students will have a special schedule of classes with 50-minute periods. The exact schedule of classes, times, and venues will be posted on Managebac.

Students are expected to report to their advisory section (venue to be posted on Managebac) at 7:30am.  Dismissal will be at 3:00pm on both days.

Thank you for your continued support!


Sincerely,                                                 Noted:

Mr. Brian C. Maraña                                  Mrs. Jane C. Cacacho

IBDP Coordinator                                       High School Principal

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