Xavier’s Most Expensive iFad. Guess How Much?

By Mr. Holden Angeles, Head of the Physical Plant Office
iFad Horn photo by Mr Holden Angeles, PPO

15 August 2013 marked the unveiling and blessing of Xavier School’s most expensive iFad. How muchIt’s P103,925.00! And, yes, you read it right.  It’s iFad — Xavier School’s Invest in Flood Alarm Device for its adopted community, Barangay Salapan, a flood-prone area in San Juan.

Last school school year, 2012-13, the High School Campus Ministry and Service Office (CMSO), in coordination with the HS Student Council and The Stallion, initiated a fundraising project. The project aimed not only to provide a flood alarm system for Brgy. Salapan, but also to promote awareness of Brgy. Salapan as Xavier’s adopted community since the onslaught of Typhoon Ondoy.  An iPad tablet was raffled off and proceeds from the raffle tickets went to the building of the flood alarm/public address system for the people of the Barangay.

A heartfelt thanks to everyone, especially the students and teachers, who supported this project.  Special thanks to Mr. Ryan Dee of Deeco Electronics for all his support in this endeavor.

This is only Phase 1. It is now up to the Student Council SY 2013-14 to decide if such a project will be continued this year, possibly to raffle off iPad minis for iFad Phase 2.



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