Keys to Financial Freedom

By Ms. Jochelle Reyes, Grade 5 English teacher
photos provided by Pioneer Life

Knowledge. Experience. Time. Whether you are into business or an employee, these three factors contribute to making money according to the good people of Pioneer Insurance Company.

On August 14 & 15, the Grade School faculty and staff attended a one-hour Financial Literacy Seminar on the keys to becoming financially free held in the classrooms after class hours. The seminar, organized by the Grade School Principal’s Office, Campus Ministry and Service Office, and facilitated by the Pioneer Insurance Company, aimed to educate the community on three of five important keys to financial freedom namely making money, saving money, and growing money.

The representatives from Pioneer couldn’t stress the importance of ‘time’ enough in achieving financial freedom. They said that knowledge and experience are nothing without the time to actually make and manage money. They also stressed the importance of being financially prepared for the three ‘certain uncertainties’ in life namely sickness, early death, and old age.

As the Xavier community concludes the First Quarter of the school year and prepares for the launch of Financial Literacy across levels, the Grade School faculty and staff face the next quarter with a new perspective on managing money wisely. And the way to financial freedom starts now.

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