Grade School Launches “Not in Our School”

By Isaac Siy 6G, Hoofprint Staffer

Last August 13, the Grade School unit of Xavier School San Juan formally launched the “Not In Our School” (NIOS) Anti-Bullying Campaign of 2013 during the General Assembly.

“Do not hurt others physically or emotionally,” Fr. Aristotle Dy said as he addressed the attentive students and teachers. “It is as simple as saying thank you to those that help you.”

The NIOS Anti-Bullying Campaign was launched to promote kindness to others and to discourage bullying. “Call the ODS if you see anyone bullying another or if you see anyone being bullied.” Fr. Dy said. “If you are being bullied, you may email or contact a teacher, drop a complaint in the drop box to inform the ODS/teacher about a person being bullied or a bully.”

Fr. Dy and Ms. Aimee Apolinario, the GS Principal, were the first people to sign the “Anti-Bullying Board” followed by Daniel Maramba of Grade 6 Section I who also happens to be the Head of the Council of Presidents. Many students followed their lead and signed after them.

Nearing the end of the Campaign introduction, Fr. Dy and Ms. Apolinario, along with the students of the grade school, took the pledge of Anti-Bullying. Ms. Apolinario stated the goal as “Bullying? Not in our school!”

photos provided by Mr. Jovie Espino, Grade 4 English Teacher


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