Math Wizards Bring Pride to Xavier School

By Matthew Yap (H3D), Stallion Correspondent
10th China Southeast Math Olympiad, photos by Mrs. Jade Sy

Last July and August, many students in the Philippines showcased their mathematical skills in various competitions held in China, Bulgaria, and Singapore. As a country, these Filipinos were able to top other countries and be crowned champions.

In the Bulgaria International Math Competition, the China Southeast Math Olympiad, and the International Mathematics Contest, students from Xavier were able to compete against many of the most talented students in the world. Full of zeal, they were able to bring home many medals that showed how competent Xaverians are.

In the Bulgaria International Math Competition, the Philippines won a total of twenty-two medals. There were 5 gold medalists, 7 silver medalists, and 10 bronze medalists. Dr. Simon Chua, the head representative of the Philippines and the president of the Mathematics Trainers Guild-Philippines (MTG), was more than satisfied with the performance of the Filipino Contestants. Three Xaverians contributed to the Philippines’ stellar performance. Sedrick Scott Keh won a silver medal, while Andrew Sy and Ryan Shao were bronze medalists.

According to Andrew, “The Bulgaria Math Competition was very challenging because the questions were really tricky, but I think it was one of the most memorable learning experiences I have ever had.” He dedicates his victory in this competition to his pursuit of knowledge and more importantly, God.

The Filipino students continued to show their exemplary talents in the 10th China Southeast Math Olympiad (CSMO) held in the province of Jiangxi last July. Despite its reputation of being one of the most difficult math competitions in the world, the Philippines still managed to win one silver medal, five bronze medals, and one merit award. Among the seven participants in this competition were two Xaverians: Mario Ongkiko from the 12th Grade, and Andrew Sy from the 11th Grade, who were both awarded with bronze medals.

Andrew Sy (11th Grade) and Mario Ongkiko (12th Grade) in the China Southeast Math Olympiad

Andrew Sy (11th Grade) and Mario Ongkiko (12th Grade) in the China Southeast Math Olympiad

“The competition in China was in the top tier of math contests so I had to train hard for it. During the summer, I trained in UP for the Philippine Team. I also trained in MTG and had to study by myself,” said Andrew Sy. He thinks that winning feels great since it is a clear indication of how much he is learning. Andrew thanks his math teachers, MTG, Mr. Glen Ong (one of the trainers), and the Philippine Team trainers as a whole, and attributes his success to them.

Held in Singapore, the International Mathematics Contest (IMC) has been dominated by China for the past few years. In August, that all changed when the Philippines was able to win 161 medals (versus China’s 153), making them the overall champions in this competition. Five Xaverians were able to win medals in this event: Mark Uy was able to earn a gold medal; Luis Diy, Matthew Uy, and Andrew Lee received silver medals; while Xuanye Li and Matthew Shawn Kho Choc Tansiongkun garnered bronze medals.

The only Xaverian gold medalist in the IMC, Mark Uy, trained immensely hard in order for him to achieve this feat. Every Saturday, he had to train with the MTG; here he practiced by answering as many worksheets as possible to polish his math skills. He feels quite proud since he, a 9th grade student, performed excellently on a test designed for 10th graders.

All these Xaverians who participated in the various math competitions were able to bring pride through their various achievements, not only to the school, but also to the Philippines. Their success truly proves that Xaverians are capable of surmounting even the most difficult challenges.

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2 thoughts on “Math Wizards Bring Pride to Xavier School

  1. Christine Siy Uy

    Congratulations to all the winners! Continue to pursue your dreams by giving your best in every endeavor you undertake. The medals are just rewards for your dedication and effort. However, it is the discipline that you instill in yourself that will help you get you where you will want to go and to achieve in life. Thank you Xavier School for giving recognition to the students…. Continue to give pride to your country, to your school and to your family….. 🙂

  2. Christine Siy Uy

    Congratulations to all the winners! Continue to pursue your dream and do your best in every endeavor that you undertake. The medals are just rewards for your dedication and effort. But the discipline that you instill in yourself is what will carry you throughout your life in achieving your dreams… parents, we are always happy to see these achievements not just because of the medals but because we know that we are doing something right and our unconditional support to you is worth every effort… It is our deepest hope that you can lead as examples to other students who have the potential in achieving greatness not just in the field of math but in other academics as well……and my appreciation to Xavier School, for giving recognition to these students……Continue to give pride to the Philippines, to Xavier School, to your family …..:)


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