Interaction with Japanese Friends

by Nyll Bullecer, IV-Kagitingan

It was a bestowed opportunity to be visited by our friends from Japan. ERDA Tech and Sacred Heart students enjoyed the spry activities during the assembly last July 31, 2013. At first, bashfulness and awkwardness were evident in the atmosphere, but through the amiability of the ERDA Tech students, our Japanese friends were eventually guided accordingly.

After the exchange of background information from the respective schools, the first activity started. It was an energizing activity where students of both schools were grouped into three. After being clustered, each group was named as Sakura, Son Goku and Sakuragi. The most interesting part came wherein the host will mandate how the groups should be lined up. First, the groups were asked to line up by surname, followed by age and lastly according to height. If the group thinks they have followed what was asked, they’ll announce their group with “Go, go” before the name of their group. The scores of Group Sakura, Group Son Goku and Group Sakuragi were 2, 1 and 0, respectively. Though there was a group that got lost in the game, no one felt sorry about it because the most essential thing was the experience of interaction as it was a coalesce of longing friends.

There and then, the second activity was initiated. An ERDAnian and a Sacred Heart Student were paired. The purpose of this activity was for ERDAnians to escort their partner around the whole campus. The students must establish a common language to consistently have a fair communication. Though it was hard, ERDAnians were able to distinguish and present the beauty of ERDA Tech. Our Japanese friends were saluted by students even during classes and were warmly welcomed as classrooms were given information. One facility that took the time was Food Tech where fifth year students were done with their cupcakes. They endorsed their finished product. The Japanese friends were gladly satisfied not just with the food but also with the hospitable reception of the fifth year students. The Japanese students were taught simple expressions to express deliciousness in Filipino such as “masarap” and “malinamnam.” The tour took about 25 minutes and afterwards we headed back to the AVR, the place of assembly.

The students settled down which signaled the third activity. They grouped themselves as groups 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.  The intent of this activity was to thoroughly and specifically know each other. While the sharing was going on, the staff were also busy distributing some snacks. Questions about goals in life, religion and about school were primarily asked. Students were not yet satisfied but the next activity had to proceed. It was time for ERDAnians to show their talents in dancing and singing with a folk Filipino song. After being dazzled by the performance and distinct display of talent, the Japanese students performed as well a musical performance and shockingly they were all flutists. They projected their talent with such magnificence and with angelic notes. Over all, it was very uplifting.

At the final phase of the visit, ERDAnians presented the Sacred Heart students with some token of appreciation. Unfortunately, knowing that these are the last minutes of such event and the first moment of their setting off back to their nation, the students said their last goodbyes. Their departure was not that so dramatic because though separated by a vast sea, they will be always in each others’ hearts.


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