Inventions and Innovations for Smarter Philippines

by Kyla Fernandez, 8-Yakal, Young Scientists Club

The Regional Invention Contest and Exhibits, with the theme of “Inventions and Innovations for Smarter Philippines”, was held at the Technological Institute of the Philippines, Quezon City campus last August 2, 2013. The event was participated in by schools, colleges and universities all over Metro Manila which ERDA Technical and Vocational Secondary School joined as well.

Chosen students from Grades 7, 8 and Third year were able to attend accompanied by Ms. Marilyn Benedicto, the Young Scientists Club moderator. Many unique and cool inventions from participants were presented and exhibited. Also, they were proudly Filipino creations that could help our industry, fellow Filipinos as well as the whole country. Here are some of the inventions presented:

Automatic Escalator―TIP Quezon City campus

–        It has a sensor that automatically stops if there’s no one who will go up or down. The said escalator is economically friendly that can help reduce the electrical consumption.

Dayami Tiles(Strull)―TIP Quezon City campus

–        These tiles are made of compressed dayami. It can be used as floor tiles or boards and can be likewise used on the ceilings. It is affordable but prone to termites and other insects.

Weather Monitoring System―Technological University of the Philippines Manila

–        It was compared with the radar system of PAG-ASA. This is solar energy powered but also has battery. It is capable of measuring the temperature, humidity, precipitation and wind direction. It has a ZigBee program which informs weather forecast through text message that rapidly replies to the sent text messages.

Auto Body Electrical Simulator―Marikina Polytechnic College

–        This features all the electrical circuits of an automobile and the current flow which can be a help to Automotive students not only of ERDA Tech but also of other vocational schools. It is affordable since its made of recycled materials.

Basic Food Spoilage Detector―EARIST

–        It is beneficial for households and those in the food business to immediately know if the food is spoiled or not by means of pressure, temperature and ph meter.

MCU Based Charcoal Cooker―Jose Rizal University

– It can be sustained by charging the battery, can charge mobile phones, electric igniter, heat control plate by low, medium and high buttons and it has a fan.

With these inventions, it just clearly shows what Filipinos are capable of. This shows that Filipinos can be lined with other leading countries. Filipinos can invent greater things that are proudly made by our fellow countrymen.


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