Leadership Seminar ’13: Commitment, Communication, and Cooperation

by Adrianne Rilloraza, III-Nikel, EIC - ET Pen Pushers Guild

The class officers of all year levels together with the SBO and SBO support group members took part of the leadership seminar held last August 10, 2013 at ERDA Tech Patio. From 7:30-8:30, registration time was allotted for the students. It is annually conducted for leaders, class officers, SBO and SBO support group members who would be serving to their fellow students in school. The said seminar has a theme of “3C’s: Commitment, Cooperation and Communication. It was hosted by Ms. Ariane Joan Minor, the former SBO Chairperson. The 3C’s were tackled by three different speakers.

The first speaker assigned to discuss the matters about cooperation was Ms. Tricia Mendoza. She is an alumna of ERDA Tech batch 2010-2011. Currently, she is taking Mass Communications in Public Relations at PLM, Ms. Mendoza gave a few tips and do’s-and dont’s for the entitled leaders. It was a comfortable discussion with the leaders. In her discussion, she shared certain experiences she had when she was still a leader. After her talk, a 30-minute break was allotted.

Ms. Reichelle Torricer, the Department Chair of Communication Arts Department was also a guest speaker for the event. She focused her discussion on Communication. According to her, “Communication is the key to achieving all of our goals as leaders.” She stressed how important communication is to all leaders elected to serve.

For the last “C,” Mrs. Michelle Testa, Department Chair of MAKABAYAN covered the topic of commitment. Her part was the most interesting and challenging part for the leaders. Before she began discussion, she let the leaders have their delightful lunch but with wrists tied up together per group. Students had an unusual experience. After that activity, Mrs. Testa went straight with her discussion proper. She repeated a lot of times that the leaders are engaged in a commitment. One highlight of her presentation was, “Understanding leadership and actually doing it are two different things.” In the event, leaders experienced and were taught how to make a proposal. This was introduced by Mr. Edward Ray Rico, the SBO moderator. Mr. Rico gave each group a designated proposal topic and should present their output in front. Observations were given by Mr.Rico to help them improve and enhance them.

The seminar was just considered the first part. The second part was the team building wherein the leaders showed and presented the application of what they’ve learned from the first part of the seminar. This part was held last August 17, 2013, Saturday.


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