Reflecting on the Xavier Sulong Relief Operations

by Gillian Del Rosario, Gr. 7 - St. Anna Wang
The Xavier Nuvali Class Officers. Photos by Mr. Gel Domingo.

On the last day of our quarterly exams, all of the officers of Grades 4, 7 and 8 headed to the Sports Center immediately. Once we got there, we were told that we would be helping Mr. Domingo in sorting out the goods that my fellow Xavier School Nuvali students donated for the people who were affected by the typhoon Maring. Everyone, including myself, was excited. Once Mr. Domingo told us what to do, we started to sort out all the goods and pack them once they were sorted out. We worked as a team, and I was really glad that I was part of this activity.

It took us an hour to sort out and pack the goods. All the sweat we shed from the heavy bags we carried was worth it because we wanted to help. Once we were done, we all cheered, and Mr. Domingo praised us for working as a team and for doing the activity as fast as we could. We were so glad that we helped. Some of us even wanted to join in giving the goods to the people who were affected by the typhoon, but Mr. Domingo said that the teachers and maybe the school staff would be the ones to do it. So after everything, Mr. Domingo took our picture and he said that he would post it on the Facebook page of Xavier School Nuvali. I am so proud of myself and fellow officers for volunteering, and this is one activity that I will never forget.

A rainbow after the storm.

A rainbow after the storm.

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