XS Nuvali Students Embrace Magis

by David Santiago, Grade 7 - St. Pedro Calungsod
photo by Mr. Gel Domingo

Last week, Xavier School Nuvali launched the Xavier Sulong relief operations. Donations were given by students last August 27 and 28 for the ones affected by the typhoon “Maring”. This was a perfect opportunity not only for me, but for all of us here in Xavier School to let our light shine in our own way. To all be young men and women for others.

I didn’t really know how much until the last day of our quarterly exams. I along with the class officers of grades 4,7, and 8 were tasked to check the donations. I said to myself, “Why would they give us this much time just to check donations?”

But then, I saw all of the donations. ALL of them. Filling up TWO whole rooms. I saw eco-bags and boxes filled with canned goods, noodles, water and rice. I couldn’t imagine how much more it would be if everyone from school donated.

I myself as a student appreciate what my fellow Xaverians have done for other people. Seeing those bags filled with just simple things makes me very, very happy. Those bags weren’t filled with just the requirements — some were even filled with clothes, socks, and even some toys. This doesn’t only show us becoming men and women for others, it shows that we are embracing MAGIS, to do more and be more in the spirit of a Xaverian. I hope this kind of attitude continues for all of us until we die. Making others happy even more. Luceat Lux!

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