The Halo-Halo Experience

by Mr. Manny De Guzman, Parent, Kinder A - Blessed Jacinta Marto
Teacher Mina Bona guiding her student in making halo-halo. Photo by Mr. Gel Domingo.

The Halo-Halo Fiesta was the Kinder’s centerpiece activity for observing the month of August as “Buwan Ng Wika.” The fun event brought back the cheerfulness of our kids after days of exams and a week of suspended classes due to the typhoon rains.

Kinder teachers Ail Ty and Maria Bona skillfully planned the learning experience with the parents actively joining. With a slide show, volunteer moms read to the kids the interesting book Haluhalo Espesyal by food writer and Bloomberg TV producer Yvette Ferreol.  After telling the story, the kids had the chance to make their own halo-halo dessert with crushed ice, milk, and a mix of delicious jellies, sweetened beans, fruit preserves, and purple yam, as demonstrated by volunteer parents.

“The learning experience (halo-halo making) creatively integrates the kids’ appreciation of shapes and colors,” explained Teacher Bona at the planning of the activity with the parents.  Indeed, the kids showed it and impressed us during the making of the halo-halo as they promptly identified the ingredients’ shapes and colors in Filipino: “Bilog… parisukat… kahel… lilak!”

The parents had fun, too.  Before the event, moms Anne Chong, Maricel Malijan, and Jane de Guzman went to the market for the ingredients as far as Tagaytay, while other parents sought the other things needed for the class demonstration like ice shaver, cups, and utensils. It was all about teamwork, and parents became close friends.

“Thanks, moms and dads, my girl had fun, too,” posted Nancy Wong-Chan on the Kinder parents’ Facebook page.  It is indeed gladdening for us parents to see our kids have fun learning at school.  For this and for the chance to take part in the learning process, we are grateful to the school and their teachers. 

While our kids may be similar or unique in ways more than one, as in their palate’s preference for halo-halo, one thing is certain, though: They will grow at the same time (which holds true to their parents, too).  And just like any loving parent, I fervently hope that with the help of Xavier School Nuvali our kids will grow healthy, wise, and a true person for others, and, together — as parent Anne Chong described the photo of her son embracing his classmate — “best friends forever!”

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