Corporate Social Responsibility – IBM Awards XS Next Lab with a $3000 Grant

By David Ongchoco (H4A), XS Next Lab Chief Communications Officer
Ms Mei Parbo of IBM presents the global grant to Mrs Jane Cacacho, HS Principal, supported by the XS Next Lab Executive Board. Photo by Ms. Dandi Lopez, XS Next Lab Moderator.

During the last few years, companies have started to evolve and add new goals and parameters for success. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a more integral part of companies and organizations as a whole. Companies have realized that there is more to just profit and money, and that companies do have a much greater role in society.

Right now, businesses and corporations have so much influence and impact on society that they play an integral role in the development of the country and its citizens. They have the resources and the technology to help states and nations advance and develop at a more efficient rate. They are able to reach out and create a much more profound impact by fulfilling their corporate social responsibility.

CSR is about the role of corporations to take responsibility for the company’s effects on the environment and impact on societal issues. A lot of companies have been able to do this by starting up charity programs or creating a sector that focuses on solving social and/or environmental problems.

The leaders of these companies understand that in order to be truly successful, they must make a greater impact on society. CSR is about the bigger picture. For instance, companies like Google are trying to help remote and underdeveloped countries gain access to the Internet through their internet balloons.

At the forefront of the technological movement in the Philippines is IBM. IBM in the Philippines strives to bring the latest technologies to Filipinos in order to help the country develop and keep up with the world’s rapid innovations. IBM is all about building a smarter Philippines and helping Filipinos improve their life through technology. As stated in its official website, “IBM’s deep commitment to drive innovation in all communities where it operates resonates in the company’s Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs (CC&CA) programs that strategically employs IBM’s technology and expertise for the improvement of education and address other locally relevant issues.”

Last Thursday, 5 September 2013, IBM awarded Xavier School (XS) Next Lab with the global IBM Community Grant worth US$3000. XS Next Lab is all about educating and empowering students to innovate and create simple solutions using technology. IBM recognized XS Next Lab through the efforts of XS alumnus and XS Next Lab Moderator, Mr. Martin Gomez. Mr. Gomez works for IBM, and as part of its CSR program, Mr. Gomez gives a few hours of his week moderating the XS Next Lab, a club that is very much aligned with the aspirations of IBM. Ms. Mei Parbo, CC&CA Lead, represented Ms. Agnes Africa, CC&CA Executive of IBM in the Philippines, in presenting the grant to Mrs. Jane C. Cacacho, XS High School Principal. With only very limited recipients, IBM entrusts this grant to XS Next Lab for the organization to achieve its goals.

Through this grant, XS Next Lab will be able to invite skilled guests, have access to the latest technology, experiment with different raw materials, and further enhance the skills and talents of Xaverians, in view of XS Next Lab’s mission of using technology as an enabler for social justice.

Definitely a worthwhile investment, members of XS Next Lab will one day be the ones leading the country and striving for innovation. They will be the ones leading companies that strive to not only create the best possible products, but also strive to lead positive social change. One day, they will also be the ones giving back to the community and helping future generations develop.

IBM has definitely taken an altruistic step that will no doubt pay-off in the future development of not only these students but eventually, the country. Kudos to IBM, and, hopefully, they continue to stay strong in their mission of helping Filipinos, both young and old, become smarter, more tech savvy and socially responsible citizens.

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