Commemorating the Mid-Autumn Festival at XS Nuvali

by Jillian Ronquillo, 7B St. Anna Wang
photos by Mr. Vergel Domingo, Student Supervisor

Whenever we hear the term “Mooncake Festival,” we automatically think of those round-shaped mini-cakes. But what exactly do they represent?

For me, these mooncake pastries signify thanksgiving, celebration and prayer after all the hard work we have done for the past months.

Last September 17-18, my fellow Xaverians and I from XS Nuvali celebrated the Mooncake Festival, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, with the spirit of festivity as we played the traditional dice game. Each of us gets to roll some dice, and if you accomplish getting all the requirements, you get hopia, a Filipino variation of the traditional mooncakes. Some of us may not have acquired the taste for the hopia yet, but I’m sure that we were all enjoying the game judging from the shrieks of joy from the students.

xsn dicegame g7-2I think that the dice game was for us to be able to embrace the values of thanksgiving, prayer, and unity. Those hopias were just extras. What really mattered is that we were all gathered together to praise and celebrate our gratitude for all the things we have been through, whether they were terrible or not. It also teaches us that we are capable of overcoming our fears as long as we believe we can. And with this in mind, I hope that everyone will continue being a fearless soldier of Christ in their own little ways. Laus Deo Semper, and Luceat Lux!


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