GS FACAMPA reaches out

by Christine Ongpin, EED teacher
photos by Ms. Janice Manalo, GS Librarian

Last September 21, 2013, the teachers of Xavier Grade School had an outreach activity with students from Barangay Sta. Lucia. This activity was organized by the GS FACAMPA.

When you are a teacher, you don’t just teach; you let the students have fun.

When you are a teacher, you won’t always need a classroom; you let the students see the beauty around.

When you are a teacher you don’t just teach; you educate, you help.

We do it not because we need to. We do it because we want to.

During the outreach, we had a story telling activity, games, art activities and a little bit of dancing. We interacted with the kids of Baranggay Sta. Lucia and had simple yet meaningful conversations with them. What made the experience amazing were the smiles we saw on not only the kids’ faces but on the faces of their parents as well. The morning of September 21, 2013 was worth waking up early for because we knew we were able to help and it was all worthwhile.

This experience we had was very rewarding. Teachers don’t always get to hear “thank you” from every student they deal with, but on that day, all of us teachers did. There were smiles all around, from the kids, from the families, and from the teachers. I guess the best part of that experience was that we taught them how to have fun.

photos by Ms. Janice Manalo, Grade School Librarian

photos by Ms. Janice Manalo, Grade School Librarian

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