Books and Brew — A New Teachers’ Collection

Ms. Janice Manalo, GS Librarian
Photos provided by Ms. Janice Manalo, GS Librarian

They work more than eight hours a day. They work more than five times a week. They work beyond their energy. With tons of papers to check every day, with more than a hundred kids testing their patience every day, how can one de-load a teacher?

I guess there is no way one can help lighten the load of a teacher but perhaps a little comfort will go a long way, and this is what the Grade School LRC new Teachers’ Collection area is all about.

Last September 26, 2013 the Grade School LRC officially announced the new location of the Grade School Teachers’ Collection (TC) area. Fr. Xavier Olin, SJ, our Campus Minister, blessed the new area and shared a few words: “…as we bless this space today, we ask the Lord’s life and light to fill this space and make it sacred, make it set apart, consecrated, so that people who come here will be filled with His light, and as a result, whatever learnings, whatever wisdom we gain from this sacred space, may bring forth light to others and draw out the same light in others.” The Grade School administrators and librarians were present during this simple yet meaningful event.

Aside from the many books, magazines, and comfortable seats the area offers, the soothing music is another feature. It aims to free the ears of the teachers from the usual noise in the classroom, allowing their minds to concentrate while reading the varied thoughts of the students reflected on their essays.

And who says Books and Brew can’t go together? As a gesture of Magis, there is also coffee readily available to keep the teachers alert as they mark the assessments of the boys. This might not be enough to de-load a teacher, but just enough to give a teacher a break.

So, to all the teachers looking for a good and quiet place to stay in, visit the GS LRC Teachers’ Collection at the second floor of the Grade School LRC.

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