XS Nuvali Students’ Dice Game Experiences

Students of 7B – St. Anna Wang play the dice game. Photo by Mrs. Juen Quiambao, 7B class adviser

Xavier School Nuvali celebrated the Mooncake Festival last September 17-18. Part of the celebrations was the dice game. Some students had already been introduced to the game last year, but it was the first time for the Nuvali high school students to play it. Below are some of students’ reactions to the game.

Alright, now we’re playing a game to earn mooncakes and one goes home with 1st prize. Now, it’s my turn to roll the dice and I get… one small one!  I need 1st prize. This is going to be a tough day today for me. Now, probably it’s been about 10 minutes and I got 1st prize, I mean like almost. So, it’s about 8:47 and Robyn, Liam, and I have a shot at 1st prize, and the judges do the math and Robyn wins. So what, I still got the remaining mooncakes. Also, it means I go home with reunion cakes and I’m happy. – Ramon Borlongan, Grade 4B
It started before recess. We were excited at first. I was nervous. Then we started. When it was my turn, I felt less nervous. Then I got a mooncake! But the mooncake that I got was small! I am still happy that I got 1 mooncake. I thought that we played fair. It was fun to play that game. I felt happy. After the game, we all had a picture! I felt that it’s not about the cake; it’s about the fun! Last year I was the one who lost. I am thinking to share it with my family. – Saldo Arcilla, 4B
The “dice game” is a very fun game to play with your classmates specially when you win a prize–mooncake–by luck.  Everyone gets to win a prize, whether big or small, because we ended up sharing it with one another. – Janina Rosario, Grade 7A
The dice game is an opportunity in which you can test your luck. It’s also a matter of having fun together with your friends and maybe with your teachers. I felt happy about our dice game not because I won the 1st prize but because we had fun altogether. Eating my hopia makes me want to play it once again. –Ronan Ibuna, Grade 7B
Last September 17, we played the dice game, so we could properly celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival. Our class had a lot of fun during the game. I expected the game to be a boring old game, but as I said we had a lot of fun. It felt really different while playing because it was not something you would normally play every day. I hope that Xavier would continue to celebrate the festival so that we students could always learn something new about the Chinese culture. – Clarice Bernal, Grade 8
I had a very enjoyable experience during the “dice game.” At first I thought that it might be a bit boring, but this was something I had never experienced before. I want to do this again some other time because I crave for this game now. – Miguel Remollino, Grade 8
The dice game was a lot better than I thought. I didn’t believe that no one would win the first prize, yet I wanted to win it. I got a little bored because it took quite a long time before it was my turn. It was a great experience since it was my first time to play a Chinese game. – Jane Gabillo, Grade 8
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