The Mid-Autumn Celebration

by Mrs. Jennifer N. Say, Assistant for Chinese Administrative Matters
Photos from the Chinese Teachers

The start of the “ber” months signals the start of the Christmas season here in the Philippines. It is also the month when autumn begins in China. It is during this season that we celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival or what is popularly known in the Philippines as the Mooncake Festival.

Several legends described how this festival came about. The most famous one is the love story of Chang-e. Here in Xavier School, particularly in the Grade School, the different stories about the Mid-Autumn Festival are shared with the students. Different activities are held to celebrate the festival such as colouring, hopia-tasting, movie-watching, sharing of Chinese food, and playing the dice game for the Grades 2 and 5 students.

Students in the High School have more creative ways of celebrating this festival. Aside from the sharing of food, they also have several contests like singing contests and poetry interpretation — all having the “moon” as a common theme.

This year’s celebration was more special with the well-attended Dice game organized by the XSPA last September 21, 2013. The Mid-Autumn Festival like the other Chinese festivals is all about family, and this is how we in the Xavier Community treat one another, regardless of race, we are one happy and united Chinoy-Pinoy family.

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