A-Day the Grade School Way

Joshua Yu, 6A, Hoofprint staffer
photos taken by Mr. Miguel Vergara, Grade 6 English teacher

The grade school celebrated Appreciation Day (A-Day) 2013  last September 27 by showing the faculty and staff just how important they are for the students.

The day started at the Sports Center with a Eucharistic Celebration for the feast day of St. Lorenzo Ruiz, which honored the faculty for their hard work. In fact, the Mass honored not only the teachers, but also the janitors, guards, and other school helpers for their dedication and perseverance in keeping the students safe and giving them a clean place to study.

After the Mass, everyone stayed at the Sports Center to enjoy various performances by different groups and clubs. One of the performances was by the Xavier Boy’s Choir that delivered a wonderful song that surely touched the teachers’ hearts.  Another memorable presentation was from Dance X, a club from the high school. The dance performance awed both students and teachers with its amazing twists and tumbles, maybe reflecting how teachers sometimes have to do all sorts of things just to get students to pay attention in class. There were also inspiring performances by the Voice Box Club, the Theatrixs Club, the XS Movers club, and a number from selected students from Grades 3 and 4.

After the performances, the students went back to their classrooms to prepare the class parties for their teachers. During the class parties, students entertained their teachers in different ways such as telling them jokes, making them watch videos, and playing games with them –all to let teachers know just how important they are to the students.  In fact, some students even gave teachers special gifts like chocolates, roses, and letters.

Even before the special day, students had already been preparing to make A-Day a very special celebration. At the start of the week, students prepared cards for their different subject teachers, and the day before A-Day, students stayed after dismissal to decorate their classroom’s walls, blackboards, whiteboards and doors so that teachers would feel special on their day.

Without a doubt, Xaverians love all of the adults that make studying in Xavier such a wonderful experience, and hopefully, the Xavier faculty and staff felt just how appreciated they are on their special day.

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