Legend, Tradition, and Fun in a Bowl

By Chino A. Acero, Grade 7B
photos provided by Mr. Wilson Sy

Do you think any student would like to go to school on a weekend? After five days of lessons, tests and what not, who would like to go back on a Saturday? Well, believe it or not, over 870 students came to Xavier last Sept. 21 to participate in the first ever schoolwide Mooncake Festival Celebration.

With the number of attendees, you’d think that it would be a hot, sweaty and uncomfortable event but I was surprised that it was not. In fact, it was quite organized — from the registration to the table assignments and prizes. We were also blessed when the rains that were supposed to hit that day did not come!

What’s even better is that we didn’t sit with random schoolmates but with our own classmates. What a relief!  It turned out to be a fun bonding experience since I got to interact with my classmates in a more relaxed atmosphere.

The prizes were pretty cool as well. There was mini hopia, Mogu Mogu and C2 drinks, Oreos, M&Ms, Tim Tams, Pringles, a big jar of Cheese Bombs and large bags of chips. The top prizes were Fully Booked GCs and a 16gb HP USB!

In the end, I had a lot of fun not only because of the prizes I won but because I was able to spend some fun time with my classmates and friends.

So if you want to win awesome goodies just by rolling some dice and have a bonding experience with your friends at the same time, then you should definitely join the Mooncake Festival Celebration next year. I guarantee you’ll have a great time. See you next year!

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