Xavier Community celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival

by Joshua de Mesa, 6B, Hoofprint Staffer
Photos provided by Mr. Wilson Sy

Xavier School, in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, gathered the whole Xavier family for this occasion.  The Xavier School Parents’ Auxiliary (XSPA) organized a Dice Game in order to celebrate said occasion last Saturday, September 21, 2013 at the Sports Center.   They said that this was the first time the whole Xavier School celebrated this together as one big family.

Before the game started, I noticed that there were a lot of food stalls around where one could have a light snack before the start of the game.  Also, before the game, the rules were given by Mr. Wilson Sy, followed by Fr. Aristotle Dy, who asked the students about the different Moon Festival Stories. The students who were able to answer were given a prize.

Registration started around 3:30.  After the students registered, they were assigned to a table where they would play the dice game. There were around 72 tables for the dice game, and each table had around 12 student players. The tables were filled with loads of prizes that may be won during the game. The dice game works like this: Each person will roll 6 dice and will win a prize depending on what he will roll.  This would go on until all the prizes are taken. If one or more of the dice fall out when they are rolled, the player will get nothing. The dice game started at around 4:15.  I noticed that in each table, everybody was so eager to win the major prize.  At around five in the afternoon, some tables were already done but at around 5:30 all the tables had finished and everybody started getting ready to leave.

It’s too bad that we only hold the dice game once a year.  It was such a fun day and I hope that in the future, we will have more activities like this, where I for one will surely attend!

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