XS San Juan HSPO: Prioritizing School Events


03 October 2013

Dear High School Parents,

In view of the dynamic formation and academic programs we offer to our students, it is inevitable that certain events are calendared to happen simultaneously despite the best efforts of the school to eliminate the overlapping of schedules.

In line with this, we have come up with a hierarchy of school activities to help you and your sons discern to which activity they can contribute the most or which activity they will need the most.

Type of Activity Examples
Priority 1 Batch Activities CMSO Activities (immersion, SOP, recollection, etc.)

Academic Activities (Chinese Oral Exam, field trip, XCE orientation)Interaction (H1- H3)

Priority 2 School Representation Athletic Competitions (not training)

Co-Curricular Competitions (e.g. Math contests, debate competition, singing competition, etc.)

Priority 3 Club/Committee Work Club Night or Committee Night

Rehearsals for a playClub field trip

Auditioning for VOYC

Prod Crew Work

The table is meant to ensure that the students commit to and participate in only ONE activity so that they can give it their full attention.  Please note that the activity organizers will require the attendance of the participants in ALL segments of the event.

In the spirit of Ignatian discernment, special situations may be decided upon on a case-to-case basis upon the approval of the HS Principal.

The school website (w5.xs.edu.ph) will have a calendar of school events for your perusal.

Thank you for your support and understanding.


Mrs. Jane C. Cacacho

High School Principal

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