An Ideal Student

Jairuz Menia, ET Pen Pusher Moderator, Teacher, CommArts Dept.
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For me, a student must not stop on hearing
and receiving what he or she hears/gets from
the teacher. The student must understand it
by mind and by heart.
It is only that learning can be more
effectively applied if a student totally
instills knowledge on his own self.
A student must always be inquisitive.
Never run out of anything to ask, anything
to clarify as it would provide you more
knowledge, more concepts of things you
would know or want to know instead of
those ideas that you are required or
obliged to know.
Learning doesn’t stop in a
classroom setting and as a student
it is also your responsibility to
make sure that you share what
you have learned to those who are
somewhat “illiterate” or
You are more than privileged to go to
school as compared to those who cannot
so it would also be a good duty of a student
if you share what you have, if you enlighten
what you know, and if you apply it to the real
world, to real people.
That for me constitutes an ideal student…
someone who can integrate acquired knowledge both
in his mind and in heart. It really should go hand in

*one of my homework in my MA class

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