Service Interaction with People with Disability (PWD)

By Nacho Perez, Gr6J
Nacho and a classmate with their partner. Photo provided by Ms. Clarisse Gomez, GS English teacher.

We recently had our Service Interaction at Tahanan Walang Hagdanan with Persons with Disabilities (PWD) and I had a pretty inspirational experience.

At first, I underestimated them but then when I met my partner, Ate Leny, everything changed. When I saw her, I really thought she was nice, kind, and a good partner. When we had our next activities I realized they could do things we could also do like play basketball and do metal craft and other things we could do. As the Interaction went along, I was always trying to be polite and help my partner because she was the same way towards me. As it was about to finish, I wrote her a letter, thanking her for being an inspiration to me to never give up.

I would like to thank Tahanan Walang Hagdanan on behalf of our class, 6J, for giving us a wonderful experience. So if you have always underestimated PWDs, I encourage you not to do so anymore because even if these people have physical disabilities, they have other abilities: the ability to be kind, to work as a team, and they are loving, caring and so much more. All I would like to say is to “never judge a book by its cover.” Don’t judge a person by how they look because they might be kind inside.

So I would like to thank Xavier and I hope we could go back to Tahanan Walang Hagdanan. Thank you!

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