Table Tennis Team Defends ISSA Title

by Eddrich Ang, H3F

Last September 28, 2013, the Xavier Table Tennis Team lead by Coach Joan Kassey E. Sibal, set out to compete in the Interscholastic Sports Association or ISSA, held at Brent International School, Binan, Laguna.

The team was composed of the High School Boys Team A:  Jasperr Ang (H3F), John Co (H4D), Eddrich Ang (H4F) and Kobi Go (H2C), together with the Xavier Grade School Team, consisting of Arman Castillo (6D), Brian Cotaoco (7G), Adrian Ang (7G), Kenji Tuazon (8D), and Jesse Tan (6F).

Among the schools that competed were : International School Manila, Brent International School, Jubilee Christian Academy, De La Salle Santiago Zobel School.

The format for the competition was Team Event:  one Singles match, one Doubles match, and a decider Singles match.   The tournament format itself followed a bracket round-robin wherein each team would compete against each other in two separate brackets. The winners from each respective bracket would then go against each other for the semifinal round. The winners of the semifinal round would then face each other for the Championship Title.

For the round-robin match, Xavier High School secured a 3:0 victory against De La Salle Santiago Zobel School, and International School Manila, but lost against Jubilee Christian Academy with a raw score of 1:2, losing both the Singles 2, and the Doubles. However, despite this difficulty, the team was still able to advance to the semifinals.

According to Kobi Go, doubles partner of Eddrich Ang, “I felt disappointed, and felt like doing better, (still) I was determined to get the championship!”

Advancing to the semifinal round, Xavier High School secured a 2:1 victory against Brent International School, thereby qualifying for the Championship Match.

In good regard, for the Championship Match, the Xavier High School team went against Jubilee Christian Academy and redeemed the loss with a raw score of 2:1 securing the victory.

According to Eddrich Ang, “It was very crucial that we won the doubles, it being the deciding match and all. Honestly it was a lot of pressure. Since our game would determine who would win the title,  I didn’t want to let the team or my partner down. I’m just glad we were able to succeed in the end.”

According to Jasperr Ang, “Well honestly, having been a Table Tennis player for quite some time now, I’ve come realize that no competition is easy. Contrary to how Table Tennis presents itself as an individual sport, it is truly a team sport. Being given the chance to play in singles, I felt that it was my responsibility to bring the school glory and not to let anyone down. Everyone shows up and participates, but at the end of the day, it’s hard work, determination, and heart that wins it all.”

According to Kobi Go, “For me, since it’s my first time, it was a great experience, (I was) nervous, met new people, had fun, and played for God.”

Despite being beginners, the Grade School Team were able to reach the championship match. In the said event, the Teams were able to garner 3 Gold Trophies and 1 Silver Trophy:  the Championship trophy for the High School Team Event, 2 Gold Trophies for the Individual Award, and the Silver Trophy for the Grade School Team Event. The winners of the Individual Award were awarded to Arman Castilio and Brian Cotaoco for ranking top in both the Singles 1 and Singles 2 divisions.

On behalf of the Table Tennis Team and the Xavier School community, John Co, the Table Tennis Team Captain said : “Our two teams have been training very hard since day one. On the day itself, I believed that it was the effect of our determination, coupled with prayers and God’s grace, that pushed us to perform with the best of our abilities and really strive for the championship. Despite having some difficulties with several opponents, at the end of the day, I’m proud that our efforts paid off.”

Short Bio:   Eddrich is a committed member of the Xavier Table Tennis Varsity Team. He enjoys reading, writing, and most of all drawing. In his free time, you would see him playing video games or chatting online with friends.

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