FLIP Foundation—InstaRun 2013

by Jefferson Hou (H4G-IB) and Jonathan Yu (H4G-IB)
photos by Jonathan Yu (H4G), Senior Batch Representative

The official site of FLIP Foundation is flipfoundation.orgInstaRun 2013 is featured in FLIP’s youtube channel:  www.youtube.com/channel/UCHgCievfQx7IIfV1QBCoiEg.

Last August 25, 2013, a group of Seniors organized a fundraising activity called InstaRun. The Seniors are the founders of Founding Local Institutes of the Philippines (FLIP), which was created primarily to aid local institutions in the Philippines that are in dire need of help and support. The members of FLIP include Jacob Ejercito (H4G), Jonathan Yu (H4G), Jefferson Hou (H4D), and Jarrell Lim (H4B). InstaRun was a project that targeted to help Kabayanan Elementary School in San Juan secure better school materials which will be acquired through  proceeds of the run. In fact, this honorable task of supporting the less-fortunate has captured the attention of many people such as Bogart the Explorer (youtube celebrity), Andi Eigenmann (local artist), Boys Night Out consisting of DJ Tony-Toni, Sam YG and Slick Rick.

In the early morning of the day’s race, avid runners from all over the metro flocked over to the Greenhills Shopping Center to take part in InstaRun. The tagline of the run was “Who do you run for?” and this question was also used creatively throughout the race as a photo contest was held while the race was on-going. The task of the whole activity, apart from winning the race, was to take the best picture that would answer this question.

The event began with DJ Tony-Toni from Magic 89.9 welcoming the participants with a warm-up session and a short invocation. The start signal of the race began promptly at 7:30 a.m., and all the participants sprinted knowing that they were running for a cause. One of the participants even mentioned, “I’m so glad that the youth today are taking such great steps into shaping the future of our country.” The race began from the entrance of the Greenhills Shopping Center parking lot and circled the West Greenhills area. The cheerful student volunteers were of great assistance in assuring the smooth operation of the race, and apart from that, the MMDA officers and Greenhills employees all did their part in assuring the security of the premises.


The race ended at around 9:30 a.m., and the race, all in all, was a great success for FLIP, and the guests students and teachers from the Kabayanan Elementary School were overjoyed to see that the project for their school went superbly.

Overall, the organizers were so thankful that their first fundraising activity went smoothly. The main beneficiary, Kabayanan Elementary School would be overjoyed with the new materials they would be receiving.


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