He Said… She Said…

by Adrianne Rilloraza and Nicko John Salonga
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These days, our parents are constantly reminding us that we should study hard because it is the greatest gift that they can give us which makes it so special. We should not let distractions ruin our studies especially the “thing” that they believe is the root of failed grades and change in our character —- LOVE.

QUESTION: Does LOVE really affect one’s grades? (vice-versa)

HE: There is nothing wrong in loving someone. I do not know why people always use it as a reason for their bad and poor grades. Right?

SHE: Well, that makes sense. There’s nothing really wrong in loving someone. However, what makes it wrong in a sense is that people are so into it causing them to set aside their studies. So why would you get into such if you know that it might be a hindrance to your studies? Think about it.

HE: It could be, but most of the time, the decision of choosing between the two still depends on us. It will be your own fault if you let too much love distract you knowing that you have the authority to control it.

SHE: People today are so eager to find their “true love” at a very young age. Well, true love really waits. You just have to believe that at the right time, someone special will come into your life. As of now, be like a horse in a racetrack towards one goal. That is, to study. You are not there in school to find for the “perfect someone” of your life. Your teenage lover is not assured to be permanent but education is.

HE: A very nice point I may say, but loving someone does not always mean that you are not on the right track. it is true that in this early age, teenagers do not care about matters of consequence. But let’s be more open-minded — love can be an instrument for them to study hard and boost their self-esteem. At least for once in their lives, they have something to prove and withstand.

SHE: You have pinpointed something, but somehow a mark has been missed. It is much better if the first guy or a lady you have in life will be for a lifetime. At this point, we are still young! Just enjoy life because if you ever have a boyfriend/girlfriend, you might regret the times you were single. That’s just the flip side of it.

HE: You are right, somehow. But don’t you think, those past and broken relationships will make them stronger and independent? Everything needs experience to grow and mature. But I am not saying that you should find relationships. What I am saying is, love is human nature making it inevitable to use humans.

SHE: Actually, you are definitely right. Love is something unavoidable. Once it hits you, you just cannot deny the feeling. You feel like you are on cloud nine. If you don’t want to experience heartbreaks, well one great suggestion is not to get into such relationships. With that, you will keep yourself or your own emotions safe.

HE: Nice point but there is something missing too. A person who is always on top might be badly hurt once they fall. People do not want to experience broken relationships because they never expect such things. What about those who found their love of their lives because they chose not to close their hearts to possibilities?

SHE: All I can say is, love over studies are two different things that really have sensible point of views. Some choose love first instead of studies while some do not. It all depends on one’s decision. Whichever a person would choose between the two, that person should be fully decided on the path he or she will go through. Anyway, things unveil themselves at the end. In whatever side you want to go, love or studies, it is all up to you. If that what makes you happy, then go for it.

HE: Indeed, these two things always have matters of consequence on their sides. It would still end up with our own decisions and acts. All I can say is , whether you choose love or studies, you must assure yourself that it will give you something to cherish. Now that’s what I call perfect decisions at the perfect time.

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