Special Awards Won at the Inter-School Chinese Storytelling Contest

by Mr. Preston Tan, Grades 5 & 6 Chinese teacher

Last October 5, 2013, Saturday, two of our students participated in an Inter-School Chinese Storytelling contest held at the Philippine Institute of Quezon City.

The Contest is organized annually by the Philippine Metro Manila Chinese Education Research Center and sponsored by Mr. Li rongmei. There were 17 schools that participated in the competition this year and the Topic of the story is about health (健康).

Joshua Liao Yu of Grade 6A, coached by Mr. Preston Tan, participated in the Grades 4 to 6 division while Henry Bing-Heng Hsieh of Grade 7A, coached by Ms. Betty Li, participated in the High School division. Both Xaverians won the Special Award “优秀奖” in their respective category.

The event was covered by a China TV station and they also interviewed Joshua Yu about his participation in this contest. Congratulations to our two Xaverians!

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