Sacrificing for a Greater Cause

Photos from Ms. Tina Vinluan, Grade 4 English teacher

It’s kind of rare to see youth today give up something they ought to have and share this with those who have less in life. This was exactly what Scott Lee-Chua of Xavier School, H2C, did after his talk to the Grade School students last October 11, as a guest story-teller.

Scott has written five books depicting his many memorable experiences traveling in the Philippines and abroad. As an author, Scott receives royalties from his publisher for the sale of his books. But instead of keeping the money for himself, Scott decided to donate this to ERDA Technical and Vocational Secondary School to help buy additional books for its library. Unlike other schools, the students in ERDA Tech do not have textbooks of their own simply because they could not afford to buy a set. Hence, they turn to the books in the library for help.

Thank you very much, Scott for your generosity. Your help will definitely benefit  ERDANIANS in their education.

May you continue to serve as an inspiration to many to love reading and to share their blessings.

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