TEEN READ WEEK 2013: We’re Bringing Paperback

by Joshua Matthew Lim (H3F)
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Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. YouTube. Vine. Teenagers love the internet.

With the convenience and accessibility of social media, the average adolescent is inclined to spend long hours on these websites—hours that we used to spend on reading.

In the spirit of revitalizing our love for reading, Xavier School is launching its Teen Read Week (TRW) on October 21, Monday. Xavier is bringing “reading” back.

TRW is an annual event, designed to encourage students and teachers to read and appreciate books and other literary works. Xavier School, in particular, has been celebrating this event for at least 5 years.

This year, the theme of our school’s event will be “Journey to a Brave New World,” conceptualized by Mr. Gavin Go, Xavier’s TRW 2013 overall head. “We want to promote this idea by reminding students that, with every book they read, they actually set forth on a new journey each time,” explained Mr. Go.

During the morning assembly on launching day, students and teachers alike will be participating in a TRW all-time favorite—Dress Me Literary. Dress Me Literary is an event that begins with a parade where teachers and select student representatives come to school dressed as their favorite literary characters.

“The goal of this activity, more than telling our boys our favorite books, is to make them realize that reading can be exciting, and we try to do this through the parade,” said Mr. Bumatayo, the English department chairperson.

Parading will be done by year level batches, each with its own theme to uphold. The themes for this year are: “Fairy Tales and Children’s Books” for Grade 7, “Monsters and Minions” for Grade 8, “Comics and Graphic Novels” for Grade 9, “Asian Fables and Folklore” for High 2, “Sword and Sorcery” for High 3, and “Journeys and Expeditions” for High 4.

An array of activities and games will be spread across Teen Read Week to get the students and teachers involved and active in the event. Some exciting activities include:  5 vs 100, a game show where 100 students will attempt to best the 5 teachers in several Q&A rounds, testing their knowledge on chosen literary works and book series; TRW Instagram Video Contest, a competition that challenges students to create 15-second videos depicting their favorite scene from any book that follows the theme of the event; and Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) where students, during a period of time in class, will be given the chance to literally drop everything and read.

To make things even more interesting, this year’s TRW will integrate Filipino and Chinese literature into the event. Activities such as Dagli, a Filipino flash-fiction writing contest for the High 2 batch, and Mytholobee: Hero’s Quest, a mythology quiz bee and scavenger hunt that incorporates Greek, Chinese, and Filipino myths for the High 4 batch will be added to the things to look forward to for this year’s happenings. This will allow Xavier School to showcase its genuine and unique culture that sets it apart from other schools. Batch showcases for the other year levels will be: Storytelling for Grade 7, Book Trailers for Grade 8, Poetry Reading for Grade 9, and the Bandfest for High 3.

Teen Read Week 2013 is right around the corner, and it’s never too late to pick up a book and journey to a brave new world.

“There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them, is not reading them.” -Joseph Brodsky


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