Meet the Author: Private Iris Creator Jamie Bautista

by Tyrone De Guzman, 6J, Hoofprint Staffer
Photos taken by Ms. Tina Vinluan, Grade 4 English teacher, and Mrs. Clarisse Ednacot, GS English Department Chair and Web EIC

Do you know what it takes to be a comic book writer?

Since it is Literacy month, Xavier invited a famous comic book writer, Jamie Bautista, for the Friday Specials. He made the comic books called, Private Iris. This series has a lot of comic books that talk about saving money with some fun and action.

Private Iris is interesting and fun for young readers. It helps them save and think again about what they want and what they need.This comic has two main characters: Private Iris and Danton. Private Iris is the one who solves the mysteries and Danton is her side-kick who helps her solve the problems. This was created by Jamie Bautista who is a former college teacher and a Xavier graduate. Nowadays, he is a famous comic writer.

Jamie Bautista gave the students a short workshop about understanding and making comics. He said that if anyone wants to make comics, they should know how the comics work. He said that comics should have: images, which are drawings. If you cannot draw, use pictures from your phone or the internet. It should also have a sequence. The images are supposed to be in a certain order so anyone can understand your comic. Furthermore, the sequence should be deliberate. If it is not well planned or deliberate, your comic will not be understandable by your readers.

Lastly, if you want to make a successful comic like Private Iris,  always keep on making comics and stories and you will be like Jamie Bautista some day.

Anyone can also be a comic artist like Jamie Bautista as long as you have great ideas to share and you keep on practicing creating beautiful comics.

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