Signature Campaign for Peace Process Launched

by Bernadette Gimena, Kenneth Domaoal, and Anthonette Santos, ET Pen Pushers Guild

“We must see that peace represents a sweeter music, a cosmic melody, that is far superior to the discords of war” –Martin Luther King, Jr.

After almost non-stop tragedies and wars across our country, one organization made a campaign for peace: “Signature campaign in support of the Peace Progress” — not only peace for our country but for the whole world as well — Face to Faith. The organization aims to gather members of such schools to support the correlation between our Government and MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front).

One significant morning assembly was conducted last October 14, 2013 to introduce the said campaign in our school. It was first launched and supported by Mrs. Michelle Testa, teacher in charge for Makabayan, also a teacher for Economics, and Mr. Learned Paulino, a teacher in BCL (Basic Christian Living). It was held at the ERDA Tech roof deck participated by the whole school community.

They presented a short PowerPoint presentation about the said campaign. They also involved the ongoing Face-To-Faith program that helps support peace with each other, moreover, to understand everyone’s diversity that makes people united worldwide. Additionally, for this campaign to be supported by ERDA Tech, the students, faculty and staff cooperated well by means of a signature drive which helps the organization to spread peace with the association of youth. This was a very essential and successful event for the whole school for it will support a valuable purpose of our country that is to achieve PEACE.

Our instrumentality to the campaign for the process of peace leads everyone to acquire peace within our country. This is to try to find a way in every tragedy that left each and every one of us a complicated experience and left every Filipino hopeless at the same time. We all have differences in our faith and all have diversities but we only have one race to achieve peace that can build a home for us where we are all as one family.

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