Meet the Author: Scott Lee Chua

by TImothy Pe, 5H, Hoofprint Staffer
Photos taken by Ms. Clarisse Gomez, Grade 6 English teacher

There was a boy who had a great interest in travelling. He was so interested in it that he started writing books about travel! He wrote several books and even won the Palace Prize for Kabataan Essay once. That boy is Scott Lee Chua from Xavier School Greenhills.

Two weeks ago, Scott Chua had a chance to talk in front of the Grades 5 and 6 students during lunch time. This was last October 11, 2013, for the Friday Specials in celebration of the October Literacy month. The second week of the Friday Specials was for the Meet the Author activities. Aside from Xavier alumnus and the author of Private Iris, Jamie Bautista, Scott Chua, who is now in Grade 10, was also invited. During the event, Scott shared about how he started off as a writer and about his many travels. He is very fond of writing, he loves travelling and is very good in English. He talked mostly about his opinions on the best places to go to and what inspired him to get into writing.

Lastly, he donated a check to ERDA Technical School using his own money from what he earns from his books. What I really like about him is that even if he is really smart and talented, he is also a man for others.

Now that’s an idol to follow.

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